The cord-free
art display and
streaming platform

The easiest way to hang millions of artworks on a single nail. Acanvas makes enjoying art easy with an onboard battery, a self-powered retractable cord, and a portable charging station.

Venice Italy Canal With Boats And Laundry by Michelle Calkins

Art Stations

Discover & Display New Art

Our Art Stations bring art lovers personalized experiences through the world of art, ranging from classic to modern. We’ve partnered with Fine Art America to make millions of art pieces available through the Art Stations. Think of them as Pandora for artwork. Do you have something else in mind? Post your own memorable images or messages easily through the app.

Pike Place Market by Michelle Calkins

Custom Frames

Match Your Decor

Everyone's home decor and aesthetic is unique, so we wanted to make sure Acanvas looks at home on any wall. Black-brown or silver frames with sleek white mattings are available, or you can use Acanvas by itself for a clean, modern look. Have a particular style? Simply take Acanvas to your local frame shop to have a custom designed frame made.

A Home At The Edge of the World by Paul Bond

Onboard Battery & Charging

Cord-free and Self-Charging

Acanvas has an intelligent charging solution that maintains a clean look, free of tangled wires or distracting mounting. Simply hang Acanvas on a sturdy nail and place the charging base below. Acanvas takes care of the rest!